About Us

         Our mission is to make the best apparel with catchy slogans for you to achieve and surpass your goals. We are all about inspiring and motivating you to achieve whatever goals you have in life. Whether it is on a fitness journey or just doing your daily routine, we are here to motivate and inspire you.

         My name is Adam, and the idea of It’sFlexTime began in the beginning of 2019, when my favorite t-shirt finally got a hole in it and I had to throw it out. You may ask, “Why didn’t you just wear a different shirt?”  Well, not only do I have about 100 t-shirts in my closet, I only wear about ten of them because the blend combination of the material of the shirt was perfect (so soft and durable). So, I have spent the last 4 months tracking down that perfect blend and I finally found it. Not only testing the shirts out myself, but with help from a select few family and friends, combined with my quirky sense of humor, always flexing in mirrors and my avid love for fitness… a company was born.

         Join me and the It'sFlexTime Team (in the works) on this crazy journey and help build a team of individuals to motivate and inspire people throughout the world to achieve their goals!