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Let's be real: It isn't always possible to make it to the gym to work out. Life happens. But, there are ways to make it easier to work out at your house. You don't have to use fancy gym equipment to exercise. Rather, you just need to move your body. In this spirit, we've put together five ways you can get in a workout at home if you can't make it to the gym.


Are you lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard or apartment complex? If so, swimming a few laps can be a very good workout. It doesn't take long to start seeing results. A good rule of thumb is to swim for about thirty minutes. In an average-sized swimming pool, you should be able to complete twenty to thirty laps in this timeframe. One caveat is that you'll need to keep your pool clean and sanitized. When cleaning your pool, keep in mind that chlorine tabs are the purest and most economical forms of chlorine available for keeping your pool safe and healthy.

Exercise Classes

Many people have a problem sticking with an exercise routine, especially those who try to do it alone. One solution is to take an exercise class that you've paid for in advance. The thing about classes is that they meet only at the scheduled time. If you blow it off, you've missed out and spent good money on nothing. Who wants to waste money? One of the best benefits of exercise classes is the camaraderie that can develop among the attendees. You may find yourself making new friends and finding exercise buddies, which is a relationship that will last much longer than the class.

Walking or Running

Another option is something our bodies are designed to do: walk. Some of us can also run. If you have the physique to run and the desire, by all means, do it. The only thing you need is a good pair of running shoes. Almost everyone else can walk. If you find yourself winded after only a block, turn around and go home. The next day, push yourself a little to add another block or even a half a block. Keep this up every time you walk, and before you know it, you'll be walking a mile. Slow and steady wins the race. Walking is an excellent way to get in shape and is the least traumatic to our bodies.

Invest in Exercise Equipment

Maybe you're not lucky enough to have a pool. For you, investing in and using exercise equipment may be a great way to work out from home and get the results you want.

Do your homework, though. There are many different types of exercise equipment that claim to work out all of your muscles. Visit an exercise equipment store and try out a few different machines like treadmills or stationary bikes to see which ones resonate with you. But remember: all the machines in the world won't help you to get into shape if you don't use them. So, be sure to use them on a consistent basis.

Fitness Videos

There are probably enough fitness videos available that you could exercise to one every day for a year and never do the same workout twice. So, try a few different fitness videos and find several that resonate with you. As with swimming laps, it won't take very long—only a couple of weeks—before you start seeing changes in your body.Remember to try videos that highlight different kinds of exercise. That way, you're sure to find something you like. Besides, it's well-known in the fitness industry that your body responds to different types of workouts faster than it does to the same exercise regimen all the time.

You don't need a fancy gym membership to get in shape. And, if you have a gym membership, not being able to get there doesn't mean you have no options for exercise. Consider the options above and start moving your body!

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